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so i really want to do a legacy family plot where the family fortune has been squandered on countless vices all over the world, and what remains of the family estate and reputation is being sustained from the pockets of marital nouveau riche relations, which only goes so far, so behind the rich velvet drapes and paneled walls of the parlours and dining halls, there is the faded wallpaper and cracked tiles of unused bedrooms and bathrooms, with  wind seeping in through the large cracks in mortar to blow fiercely through the closed off halls. now there’s a new generation of cunning and political ingenuity, trying to hide the reality of their deteriorating legacy and intent on restoring glory to family name. i’m thinking an older brother and two sisters, and i’m thinking about making the older sister, and maybe other branches of the family? i just want a loving and fiercely loyal family dynamic with lots of politicking and ambition, so if anyone’s interested, send me an ask?

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name: elle

age: 20

timezone: gmt+2

contact: ask on tumblr? i have aim but i don’t remember what it is right now.

describe yourself in a brief paragraph: i like apex predators that go from cute as hell cub tripping over its own feet to lethally graceful hunter, also things that have caffeine in them and space - i like space a lot - and subverted fairytales. also dogs.

favourite plots/characters/tropes: dysfunctional yet efficient politicking families bonded through love, codependent dynamics where both parties are aware of their impending crash-and-burn ending, boys who burn so bright their inevitable end is to burn out, fairytale princesses who fashion themselves into monsters, survival before morality arcs etc.

what are you most excited for?: a site inspired by the secret history set in prague, i mean…

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silence and seclusion by Inextremiss
I am Ophelia. She who the river could not hold. […] I set fire to my prison. I throw my clothes into the fire. I dig the clock which was my heart out of my breast. I go onto the street, clothed in my blood."
– Heiner Müller, Hamletmachine (via meropegaunt)

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Dora Maar, Le Simulateur, (1936)
Although Maar’s  involvement with the surrealist group was brief, lasting only from 1934-1937, her experiments with photomontage created some of surrealism’s most iconic images. She made Le Simulateur  by combining a photograph of a vaulted ceiling (the corridor of the Orangerie at  Versailles) with a photograph of a boy taken from a contemporary street scene. She then re-photographed the image. The photograph of the vaults was deliberately inverted, and the result was an irrational, disorienting architectural space suggestive of a dream. The boy’s eyes have been scratched out, leaving him blind. Eyes and blindness are recurring themes in Maar’s work, used to suggest that interior imagery, not external visible reality, is the true vision. Here, Maar manipulates photography - the artistic medium most closely associated with the real – to produce an image which complies with Breton’s call for surrealist art to be based on a “purely interior model”.
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